Fêskens Bar

EnjoyBar, simplicity at its best

Nice atmosphere with first-class ingredients in a simple way. Sit down and enjoy one of our tempting little dishes along with something good to drink. Or if you just want something good to drink. An EnjoyBar, simplicity as its best.

On our menu you will find something for all tastes. How about our good au gratin crayfish or try the Swedish combo with vodka and roe.

Always drop-in!
It should be easy to get here – you do not book a table here.

Warm welcome!

The menu is updated weekly.
Come in and discover!


Swedish sturgeon caviar 25g 695:-

Oyster Nana 95:-

Roe 30g 295:-


Belvederre, lake Bartezek 40:-/cl

Carvia vodka 40:-/cl

Hven 30:-/cl

Swedish combo

5g roe


Vodka, Hven 2cl 95:-

Lilla torget 1, 411 18 Göteborg
Telefon: 031-10 10 05
E-post: info@fiskekrogen.se


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